Making travel fun for kids!


Cities of Adventure has been created by Rishi Piparaiya, a best-selling humor author and former banker and marketing head with multinational organizations such as Citi, Aviva and Santander.

Cities of Adventure was an idea that developed after a chance conversation with a friend about the challenges they faced in taking their children on holiday. It has resulted in this series which hopes to make travel and sightseeing fun for families around the world.

Rishi undertook a five-month, 50,000-mile journey in 2019 across 55 international cities to personally visit and research every location so that the books would be as authentic as possible. He is supported by a globally distributed team of local travel experts and creative professionals.

Rishi has an MBA from Cornell University and completed his undergraduate education from the University of Rochester, a program in creative writing from the University of Cambridge and schooling at the Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai. His debut humor book, Aisle Be Damned, was a national bestseller in India. His second book, Job Be Damned, a satire on corporate life, was published by HarperCollins in 2018.


The Creation Process

It takes a whole team to create a book, much less a series of books that crosses cultures and continents. Cities of Adventure is the result of the hard work put in by a number of people, all around the world, who bring their own unique skills and insights to the project.

They are local experts who have lived in, or are very familiar with, the city that we are working with. They brainstorm plot ideas, help research travel information, and often help with writing the first draft of the story.  
A team of stellar illustrators who breathe life into the characters and cities. It takes a few months to illustrate each book.
We have expert editorial support from professionals who have immense experience with the world’s top publishing houses.
Rishi personally visits every city, researches every location, writes, or rewrites, each story, plans every illustration, designs every book, and is involved in every aspect of the process, from start to finish. 


Cities of Adventure is self-published by Imaginara Legacies Pvt. Ltd. Publishers or content platforms that would like to explore acquisition of rights (books, audio/video, translations etc) are welcome to connect. We are also happy to explore distribution, marketing or other collaborations with travel-related or relevant organisations. Please write to  

The Landmark Journey

In January 2019, Rishi and his wife, Namita set off from Mumbai, India on a journey to try and visit most attractions that the first set of Cities of Adventure books would cover. Criss crossing three continents, they spent five months on the road, covered over 75,000 kms (~50,000 miles), walked 1.7 million steps, visited hundreds of attractions across 55 cities, and returned with thousands of photographs, diaries full of notes, and a lot of fridge magnets. The 2020 pandemic has put travel at a virtual standstill but it has given Rishi the opportunity to catch up on his writing. And he eagerly awaits for travel to resume – there are a lot of Cities of Adventure out there. And we want to bring each one to life!

150 days on the road

75,000 kilometers travelled

55 cities visited

1.7 million steps taken

300+ attractions seen

24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

10000+ photographs clicked

Exhausted but motivated travelers