Travelling During a Pandemic: Imagination is the ticket

June 23, 2021
 Min Read

We are in a global pandemic that has disrupted our lives as we know it, and even more so for our children. Schools have been shut down, and kids are struggling to adapt to this new lifestyle. Classes are going digital, their days are not as structured, and they can no longer play with their friends, carefree as they used to. And for the second summer in a row, family holidays are impacted ­– with travel virtually at a standstill in many parts of the world.


But while our children are required to stay home, their imagination has no such constraints. And I hope these books can help them travel to wondrous faraway lands, even if it is only in their minds for now. Staying at home, they can still travel to global cities, experience the culture and the attractions, and participate in thrilling adventures. Parents can supplement these stories with YouTube videos, popular movies based in the cities, and other travel resources. Given the unprecedented constraints, this might still be an excellent option to experience the world in a whole new way.


Wishing you and your families safe and happy times always – whether you are travelling in reality or from the comfort of your homes.