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Innovative and Exciting Story-based Travel Guides for Children!

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When families travel on holiday, adults have access to numerous resources to plan their sightseeing. But there is nothing much for children–other than some uninspiring variants of adult guidebooks or tedious activity manuals. And that is why they get bored when they visit most tourist attractions. 

Cities of Adventure are a solution­–consider them as travel guides for children but with a twist! Rather than boring them with facts and data, each book is written as an action-packed adventure story incorporating the city's spirit, main attractions and experiences. By making information entertaining, the books spark curiosity about the destination.  

12-year old Tara and 10-year old Neil Lander travel the world with their parents and Sumo, their friendly Labrador. Follow along with this unforgettable family as they embark on one crazy adventure after another. A treasure hunt in London that takes them across its significant museums, palaces, and parks. A struggle to capture a runaway kangaroo before it destroys all of Sydney's tourist attractions. Or a race against time across Los Angeles's studios, museums, and markets, to prove the innocence of a leading Hollywood actress. With these books in hand, kids will know all of a city's landmarks before they even see them!

The ongoing pandemic has unfortunately curbed travel in many places. But while our children are stuck at home, their imagination­–thankfully–has no such constraints. And we hope that these books may help them journey to wondrous faraway lands, even if it is only in their minds for now . . .

We hope you enjoy exploring all our Cities of Adventure!

Unique Travel Guides In The Form Of Fictional Adventure Stories

Written for children aged ~8 to 12, but can be enjoyed by all.

Be a part of a thrilling adventure

Each book introduces a global city through an exciting adventure story that weaves through the city's top attractions and experiences.

Explore the city’s essence

Children explore all the city’s landmarks, encounter local residents, discover myths and legends, and get introduced to the local cuisine and language—all without realizing they are learning!

This awareness enhances travel

Families where kids read these books before their holiday travel report a significantly enhanced travel experience. And in many cases, it is the children who drive the sightseeing agenda!

Packed with loads of adventure and fun. The kids will be raring to go and explore the city, even before they reach!

A cast of unforgettable characters.

12-year-old Tara and 10-year old Neil Lander travel the world with their parents and Sumo, their friendly Labrador. Follow along with this unforgettable Lander family as they embark on one crazy adventure after another.
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Exciting plots based on the essence of each city.

Each story is based around a theme that has some significance for the city. So whether it’s a battle against the evil eye in Istanbul, a race to save a Hollywood celebrity in Los Angeles, or the trail of a rampaging kangaroo in Sydney, you can be sure of an action-packed ride.
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Vibrant illustrations that bring each attraction to life.

Each book is packed with realistic and vivid hand-drawn illustrations that bring the characters and attractions to life. It is possibly the next best thing to seeing the real thing!
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A consistent and reader-friendly structure.

Readers love the consistent and friendly structure of each book, with a story that covers the city’s top 12 to 15 attractions–typically one to a chapter.
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A handy reference section about the city and country.

As a bonus, each book features a fun reference section with loads of destination information–useful phrases, foods to try, local celebrities, adventure maps, fun facts, and a whole lot more!
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